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  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
  • Description: DC Only Power Supply, 24 Vdc, 90 Watts
  • Weight: 4 lbs :: ≈ 2 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

Power Supplies GFK-1047F August 1997 1 7 Series 90 -70 Programmable Controller Data Sheet Manual GFK-0600F 7-1 Power Supplies 24 VDC, 90W Power Supply Module (IC697PWR724/CE697PWR724) datasheet GFK-1047F Features Operation from 24 VDC Three output voltages, 90 watts total +5 VDC output up to 18 amps +12 VDC output up to 1.5 amps -12 VDC output up to 1 amp Slide-in rack mount construction Electronic short circuit overcurrent protection provided on 5 volt bus Two rack operation from a single power supply Functions The 90 Watt Power Supply Module is a rack-mounted unit that plugs directly into a 48-pin backplanemounted connector in the leftmost slot in the rack. It provides +5 volt, +12 volt and -12 volt power, and logic level sequencing signals to the backplane. This power supply can be used either in a single rack application, or can also be used to provide power to a second rack if the total load is within the supply rating. Interconnection to the second rack is through a prewired cable (IC697CBL700). The power supply output will ride through a 10 msec total loss of input power at full load. Protection is provided for overcurrent and overvoltage fault conditions. + 24 VDC OFF a47033 ON INPUT OUTPUT INPUT POWER SUPPLY MODULE Torque 12 in-lb (1.3 N-m) Conductors 24 VDC 6.5A +5V AT 18A 90 WATTS TOTAL Replace with same type and rating 10A/250V +12V AT 1.5A 12V AT 1A WARNING: DO NOT DISCONNECT WHILE CIRCUIT IS ALIVE UNLESS AREA IS KNOWN TO BE NONHAZARDOUS POWER SUPPLY WARNING Even if the power supply is switched off, hazardous voltages from user field wiring may still be present on the I/O terminal boards as well as on the power supply terminal board. Care should be taken when handling the power supply and I/O modules as well as any wiring connected to them in order to prevent personal injury. WARNING EXPLOSION HAZARD WHEN IN HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS, TURN OFF POWER BEFORE REPLACING OR WIRING MODULES. ALIMENTACION ELECTRICA ATENCION Incluso si la alimentacion electrica esta desconectada, voltajes peligrosos provenientes del cableado externo pueden estar presentes en los terminales de entrada/salida (I/O), asi como en los terminales de la tarjeta impresa de la fuente de poder. Debe prestarse atencion en el manejo de la fuente de poder, en el manejo de los modulos de entrada/ salida (I/O), y en el manejo de cualquier cable conectado a la fuente o a los modulos para evitar dan~os personales. ADVERTENCIA RIESGO DE EXPLOSION CUANDO ESTA EN ZONAS PELIGROSAS, DESCONECTAR LA POTENCIA ANTES DE REEMPLAZAR O INSTALAR LOS MODULOS. GFK-1047F 24 VDC, 90W Power Supply Module 2 Power Supplies August 1997 Series 90 -70 Programmable Controller Data Sheet Manual GFK-0600F 7-2 Operation of the Power Supply This Power Supply Module operates from a 24 VDC nominal line. The power supply can accept an input voltage range of from 18 to 32 VDC. Overvoltage Protection The power supply includes an electronic overvoltage protection circuit. This circuit will clamp the output if the 5 V bus exceeds 6.7 volts. External overvoltage on the output will not cause the power supply fuse to open. However, if an internal fault in the power supply caused the overvoltage condition, the fuse may open. Replace this fuse with a 10 amp, 250 volt 5x20 mm fuse. Overcurrent Protection The power supply provides an electronic overcurrent limit for each of the three outputs (26 amps for +5 volts, 4 amps for +12 volts, and 2 amps for 12 olts (all maximum)). If the maximum current rating is exceeded, the output voltage will drop. It will remain in that state until the load is either removed or reduced. A current overload (including a short circuit condition) will not cause the fuse to open. Temperature Derating For operation at ambient temperatures that exceed 50 C (122 F), maximum output power must be derated as shown in the derating curve. AMBIENT TEMPERATURE ( C ) 10 C TOTAL a45647 90 10 20 60 70 POWER OUTPUT 80 50 40 30 NORMAL OPERATING RANGE CIRCULATION WITH NO FORCED AIR 20 C 30 C 40 C 50 C 60 C Figure 7. Output Power Derating Curve Dual Rack Operation A single power supply can provide power for two racks under the following conditions: Only 5 volt power is required in the second rack, and the total power required by both racks is within the capability of the supply. The current drawn by the second rack is less than 5.2 amperes. The two racks must be mounted in close proximity as limited by the available 3-foot connecting cable. The connecting cable used for dual rack operation is listed in Table 2, Ordering Information. This cable carries the +5 volt power bus as well as the power sequencing signals. It uses a 9-pin D-type connector which connects directly to the backplane through an opening in the rack frame. Note that the cable carries power and power sequencing signals only. Inter-rack communication and bus interface modules must be provided separately. See the applicable Programmable Controller Installation Manual for application information. FACE PLATE SECOND RACK TWO RACK POWER CABLE INSTALL CABLE SO THAT THE INDICATED END IS SUPPLYING POWER Figure 8. Dual Rack Configuration Timing Diagram The timing diagram below shows the relationship of the dc input power to the dc outputs and to the two system signals generated by the power supply: ACFAIL and SYSRESET. The 5VSTBY output may be used for user battery backup schemes as shown. On application of power, the ACFAIL signal goes false soon after the 5 volt bus is within specification. The sys3 24 VDC, 90W Power Supply Module GFK-1047F Power Supplies August 1997 Series 90 -70 Programmable Controller Data Sheet Manual GFK-0600F 7-3 tem is held in the Reset state by SYSRESET for at least 200 milliseconds after 5 volt power is available (during this time, outputs are forced off). If input power is interrupted, the 5 volt bus will remain within specifications for at least 10 ms. The system is then given an additional 5 milliseconds to complete an orderly shutdown before SYSRESET stops all processing. 5ms MIN 1 CYCLE 10 ms MIN 200 ms MIN 4.9V 4.5V OUTPUT POWER SYSRESET ACFAIL 1 CYCLE INPUT POWER ON DC OFF ON OFF 5VSTBY 2 1 2 1 5VSTBY CONNECTED TO POWER SUPPLY 5VDC 2 5VSTBY DISCONNECTED FROM POWER SUPPLY 5VDC BY A TRANSISTOR TO ALLOW CONNECTION OF USER BATTERY SOURCE. a47035 50ms MIN | } Figure 9. Timing Diagram for 24 VDC Power Supply Note Input power interruptions that exceed the power supply ride through time (10 milliseconds minimum) will result in a complete power down/power up cycle of ACFAIL and SYSRESET. Inrush When input voltage is initially applied, internal energy storage elements will draw a surge current from the 24 VDC input power source which can be in the range of 100 amps depending on the installation and power source impedance characteristics. Standard best practices should be used for installations where minimizing inrush current is a consideration. Typical best practices include providing local energy storage which can be either system batteries or capacitors at each power supply input, and minimizing resistance from the storage elements to prevent significant voltage drop during the initial energy transfer. Note that this inrush only occurs during the initial application of input voltage to the power supply. Turning the power switch On and OFF does not disconnect power from internal energy storage elements, and therefore does not require inrush energy from the power source. Mounting The Power Supply is a plug-in module which is secured to the rack with four M 2.5 screws (included). Be certain that these screws are tightened both to secure the power supply to the rack, and to assure proper power supply- to-rack grounding. Power Supply Door The power supply door can be opened by grasping the upper left corner of the door with your right thumb or a fingernail and gently pulling the door towards you. Use care when opening the door since pulling from the bottom can cause the hinge or the door to break. Input Voltage and Grounding The power input terminal board provides two terminals for connecting 24 VDC power and an additional terminal for system and noise ground. Power input connections should be made with copper AWG #16 (1.33 mm2) through AWG #12 (3.31 mm2) wire rated for 75 C (167 F). Each terminal can accept solid or stranded wires, but the wires into any given terminal should be the same type and size. It is recommended that the GND terminal on the power supply be connected to the GND terminal on the rack and to earth using copper AWG #12 (3.3 mm2 ) wire rated for 75 C (167 F) and a ring terminal to ensure adequate grounding. Use of a nut and star washer for each wire on the GND lug is recommended. IC697 RACK STUD (8 32) #12 (3.3 mm2) a47034 GROUND 75 C Copper Torque 12 in-lb (1.3 N-m) Conductors Replace with same type and rating 1A/250V + 24 VDC EARTH GROUND Figure 10. Input Wiring and Ground Connections GFK-1047F 24 VDC, 90W Power Supply Module 4 Power Supplies August 1997 Series 90 -70 Programmable Controller Data Sheet Manual GFK-0600F 7-4 Warning Because the power ON/OFF switch does not disconnect power from the internal storage elements, it is possible for the input terminals to discharge to user wiring when power is reapplied. To prevent this condition, turn the power supply switch on after the removal of user input power to discharge all stored energy through the supply. System Noise Immunity Two easy steps must be taken to properly ground the programmable controller system to reduce the possibility of errors due to electrical noise. 1. The GND terminal on the power supply must be connected to the GND terminal on either side of the rack using AWG #12 (3.3 mm2 )wire. Use of a ring terminal and starwasher is recommended. 2. The GND terminal on the rack must be connected to a good earth ground. Table 1. Specifications For IC697PWR724/CE697PWR724 Nominal Rated Voltage: 24 VDC Input Voltage Range: 18 to 32 VDC Input Power: 160 watts maximum @ full load Input Inrush Energy: 22 joules maximum Output Power: 90 watts maximum (total for all 3 outputs) Output Voltage: +5 VDC: 4.90 to 5.25 volts (5.07 volts nominal) +12 VDC: 11.75 to 12.6 volts -12 VDC: -12.6 to -11.75 volts Protective Limits - Overvoltage Limit: +5 VDC Output: 5.7 to 6.7 volts Overcurrent Limit: +5 VDC output: 26 amps, maximum +12 VDC output: 4 amps, maximum -12 VDC output: 2 amps, maximum Ride Through Time: 10 milliseconds minimum @20 VDC VME System designed to support the VME standard C.1 Refer to data sheet GFK-0867B, or later for product standards and general specifications. Table 2. Ordering Information Description Catalog Number Power Supply, 24 Volts DC, 90 Watts IC697PWR724 CE697PWR724 Power Supply Extension Cable (includes cable and faceplate for vacant power supply slot in second rack). IC697CBL700 Note: For Low Temperature Testing option please consult the factory for price and availability.

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