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  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
  • Description: GE Fanuc CPU, 12 MHz, Expandable Memory, 2K Discrete I/O,Floating Pt.
  • Weight: 4 lbs :: ≈ 2 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Years
  • Product Revisions Available:
  • Other Available Revisions of the IC697CPU772 : A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, -JU, -KU,

Product Manual Excerpt

Features Supports floating point calculations. Single slot CPU. 2K inputs and outputs (any mix). Up to 8K analog I/O. 0.4 microseconds per boolean function. 12 MHz, 80C186 microprocessor. Supports IC660/IC661 and IC697 I/O. Programmed by MS-DOS or Windows based software products running on Windows 95 or Windows NT over Ethernet TCP/IP or through the SNP port. Supports up to 512 Kbytes of battery-backed expansion memory in the same slot. Configurable data and program memory. Battery-backed calendar clock. Three position operation mode switch. Password controlled access. Three status LEDs. Software configuration (No DIP switches or jumpers to set). Reference information inside front door. Functions The CPU 772 is a single slot PLC CPU which allows floating point calculations. The CPU 772 is programmed and configured by MS-DOS or WIndows based programming software to perform real time control of machines, processes and material handling systems. The CPU 772 communicates with I/O and smart option modules over the rack mounted backplane (IC697CHS750, 782, 783, 790, 791) by way of the VME C.1 Standard format. Supported option modules include IC697 LAN interface modules, several Coprocessor modules, Bus Controller for IC660/IC661 I/O products, Communications modules, I/O Link Interface, and all of the IC697 family of discrete and analog I/O modules (see the applicable Programmable Controller Installation Manual for more information on supported modules). a44793g MODULE OK RUN OUTPUTS ON = OK, ENABLED MODULE MODULE FUNCTION 12MHZ CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT BATTERY CONNECTIONS SERIAL PORT RS 422 COMPATIBLE INSTALL NEW BATTERY BEFORE UNPLUGGING OLD BATTERY. USE IC697ACC701 ENABLED USE THIS MODULE IN SLOT 1 ONLY RUN WITH OUTPUTS ENABLED RUN WITH OUTPUTS DISABLED STOP OK RUN ENABLED CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT WITH FLOATING POINT MATH COPROCESSOR 44A726758 123R01 IC697CPU772 LABEL MS-DOS, Windows, Windows 95, and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. GFK-0588E 12 MHz Expandable, Floating Point Central Processing Unit 2 PLC CPUs August 1997 Series 90 -70 Programmable Controller Data Sheet Manual GFK-0600F 14-2 Program and data memory for the CPU 772 is available by attachment of an expansion memory board with either 64, 128, 256 or 512 Kbytes of battery-backed CMOS RAM. Operation of this module may be controlled by the three position switch or remotely by an attached programmer and programming software. CPU status is indicated by three green LEDs on the front of the module. a42786g IC66* I/O BLOCK PS CPU B TM GBC BRM PCM IC66* I/O BUS (7500 FEET MAXIMU RACK 7 BRM GBC BRM ONE METER ONE METER IC66* I/O BUS (7500 FEET MAXIMUM) PS I/O TERMINATOR (LAST RACK) TOTAL LENGTH OF ALL INTERCONNECTING CABLES FROM BTM TO LAST BRM IS 50 FEET (MAXIMUM). ALL RACKS MUST BE AT SAME GROUND POTENTIAL (8 RACKS MAXIMUM). NOTE LEGEND CPU SELECTED CPU MODEL BRM BUS RECEIVER MODEL, BEM711 BTM BUS TRANSMITTER MODEL, BEM713 GBC/NBC IC66* BUS CONTROLLER, BEM73* PCM PROGRAMMABLE COPROCESSOR MODULE, PCM711 PS POWER SUPPLY, PWR710/711/724/748 PARALLEL or or NBC NB C Figure 1. Typical PLC System Diagram Installation It is the responsibility of the OEM, system integrator, or end user to properly install the PLC equipment for safe and reliable operation. Product manuals provide detailed information about installation, startup, and proper use of the PLC equipment. The installation manual, shipped with your PLC programming software, describes how to properly install the equipment. If the PLC installation must comply with supported standards, such as FCC or CE Directives, please refer to the Installation Requirements for Conformance to Standards, shipped with the PLC programming software, for additional guidelines. Installation should not be attempted without referring to the applicable programmable controller hardware installation manual. Be sure that power to the PLC is turned off before installing the CPU 772 module Align the captive screws on the memory board with the standoffs already installed on the CPU. Push the memory board onto the CPU connector ensuring that the mating screws remain aligned with their respective standoff. Screw each memory board screw into the standoffs with a #1 Phillips screwdriver, and tighten. Connect the battery to either of the battery connectors on the module. Put toggle switch in the STOP position. Install in slot 1 of rack 0. (See Figure 1) Turn on power. The module should power up and blink the top LED. When the diagnostics have completed successfully, the top LED stays on and the second and third LEDs are off. The fourth LED is off if the keyswitch is in the OFF position. The CPU is now ready to be programmed (if connected parallel, the CPU can be programmed regardless of key position). After the program has been verified the toggle switch may be moved to the appropriate operation mode position. The LEDs indicate the position of the toggle switch, memory protection status, and the state of the program. Expansion Memory The CPU 772 must have a CMOS RAM expansion memory board which provides CMOS RAM memory of 64K, 128K, 256K or 512 Kbytes. The battery which supports this memory is located on the main CPU board (see Figure 2). Installation of a CMOS expansion memory board on the CPU will require initialization of the CPU with the programmer (see Reference 2). 3 12 MHz Expandable, Floating Point Central Processing Unit GFK-0588E PLC CPUs August 1997 Series 90 -70 Programmable Controller Data Sheet Manual GFK-0600F 14-3 OPEN REPLACEMENT BATTERY CONNECTOR a44794g CURRENTLY INSTALLED CONNECTOR CPU 772 CPU 772 MODULE OK RUN OUTPUTS ON = OK, ENABLED MODULE IC697CPU772 LABEL 44A726758 123R01 MODULE FUNCTION 12MHZ CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT BATTERY CONNECTIONS SERIAL PORT RS 422 COMPATIBLE INSTALL NEW BATTERY BEFORE UNPLUGGING OLD BATTERY. USE IC697ACC701 ENABLED USE THIS MODULE IN SLOT 1 ONLY RUN WITH OUTPUTS ENABLED RUN WITH OUTPUTS DISABLED STOP WITH FLOATING POINT MATH COPROCESSOR EXPANSION MEMORY BOARD IC697MEM713 IC697MEM715 IC697MEM717 IC697MEM719 Figure 2. CPU 772 - Location of Major Features Programmer Connection, Parallel For a parallel interface (MS-DOS programmer only) the programmer is connected to the top port connector on the Bus Transmitter Module (IC697BEM713) as shown in Figure 1. Consult Reference 2 for a description of programming functions. Serial Port The 15-pin D-connector provides the connection to an RS-485 compatible serial port as shown in Figure 3. This port provides a serial connection to a Standard Serial COM port, or to a Work Station Interface board installed in the programming computer. PS CPU B TM GBC BRM IC66* I/O BUS (7500 FEET MAXIMUM) RACK 7 ONE METER TOTAL LENGTH OF ALL INTERCONNECTION CABLES FROM BTM TO LAST BRM IS 50 FEET (MAXIMUM). ALL RACKS MUST BE AT SAME GROUND POTENTIAL (8 RACKS MAXIMUM). NOTE SERIAL TERMINATOR PLUG (IC697ACC702) PCM or NB C Figure 3. System Configuration, Serial Connection to Programmer Programmer Connection, Ethernet TCP/IP Connecting your programmer via an Ethernet TCP/IP network requires installation of an Ethernet Interface module in the PLC. This can be either the Ethernet Controller, IC697CMM741, or Ethernet Interface (Type 2), IC697CMM742. Before connecting your programmer and PLC to the Ethernet TCP/IP network you must set the IP address in the Ethernet Interface. After setting the IP address, connect the PLC and the programmer running Windows software to the Ethernet Interface. For more detailed information on Ethernet TCP/IP, refer to the TCP/IP Ethernet Communications (Type 2) User s Manual, and the Windows programming manual, GFK-1295. GFK-0588E 12 MHz Expandable, Floating Point Central Processing Unit 4 PLC CPUs August 1997 Series 90 -70 Programmable Controller Data Sheet Manual GFK-0600F 14-4 Configuration The IC697 CPU and I/O system is configured with MS-DOS or Windows based programming software. There are no DIP switches or jumpers used to configure the system. The CPU verifies the actual module and rack configuration at power-up and periodically during operation. The actual configuration must be the same as the programmed configuration. Deviations are reported to the CPU alarm processor function for configured fault response. Consult Reference 1 for a description of configuration functions. Batteries A lithium battery (IC697ACC701) is installed as shown in Figure 2. This battery maintains program and data memory when power is removed and operates the calendar clock. Be sure to install the new battery before removing the old battery. If during power-up diagnostics a low battery is detected the Module OK LED (top) will not stay on. Specific indication of a low battery state is detailed in Reference 3. Removing a Module The following instructions should be followed when removing a module from its slot in a rack. Grasp the board firmly at the top and bottom of the board cover with your thumbs on the front of the cover and your fingers on the plastic clips on the back of the cover. Squeeze the rack clips on the back of the cover with your fingers to disengage the clip from the rack rail and pull the board firmly to remove it from the backplane connector. Slide the board along the card guide and remove it from the rack. Table 1. Specifications for IC697CPU772 Battery Shelf Life 10 years at 20 C (68 F) Memory Retention 6 months nominal without applied power Current required from 5V Bus 1.2 Amps (includes expansion memory) Time of Day Clock (internal timing) Accuracy 3.5 seconds per day Elapsed Time Clock .01% maximum Serial Port RS422/485 compatible, Programmer Serial Attachment VME System designed to support the VME standard C.1 Refer to GFK-0867B, or later for product standards and general specifications. Table 2. References Reference Title 1 Programming Software User s Manual 2 Programmable Controller Reference Manual 3 Programmable Controller Installation Manual Table 3. Ordering Information Description Catalog Number CPU 772, 16 MHz, Expandable, Floating Point IC697CPU772 64 Kbyte, CMOS Expansion Memory IC697MEM713 128 Kbyte, CMOS Expansion Memory IC697MEM715 256 Kbyte, CMOS Expansion Memory IC697MEM717 512 Kbyte, CMOS Expansion Memory IC697MEM719 Lithium Battery IC697ACC701 Note: For Conformal Coat option, or Low Temperature Testing option please consult the factory for price and availability. 16 MHz, 32-Bit, Expandable Central Processing Unit IC697CPU781 PLC

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