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  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
  • Description: I/O Interface for Series Six
  • Weight: 4 lbs :: ≈ 2 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

Interfaces IC697 I/O modules to the I/O bus of an IC600 programmable controller Rack-dependent I/O references Supports up to eight racks per I/O system Functions The I/O Interface Module to the IC600 programmable control provides an interface between the IC600 I/O bus and IC697 I/O modules. The I/O Interface Module resides in an IC697 rack and has two 37-pin connectors identical to those used on the IC600 I/O Receiver for interconnection to the IC600 I/O bus. IC600 PLC systems may be configured to include IC600 I/O, IC697 I/O, and IC660 I/O. Both IC600 and IC697 I/O racks may be included on a single I/O chain. Each IC697 I/O rack is assigned 128 (five-slot rack) or 256 (nine-slot rack) I/O references. Up to eight such racks may be used in a system, providing up to 2000 addressable points. Any point can be used for an input or an output. A minimum of 8K registers in the IC600 PLC are required for operation of the I/O Interface Module. I/O INTERFACE RACK MODULE I/O CHAIN BEM 761 MODULE IC697BEM761 LABEL 44A726758 302 MODULE FUNCTION USE THIS MODULE IN SLOT 1 ONLY IC600 I/O CHAIN DOWN STREAM MAX. 50 FT. I/O CABLE LENGTH FROM FIRST TO LAST RACK IN A LOCAL I/O STATION. 10 RACKS MAXIMUM, ONLY LAST RACK TERMINATED INTERFACE BETWEEN IC697 I/O RACK AND IC600 I/O CHAIN IC600 I/O CHAIN UPSTREAM ON = OK RACK MODULE I/O CHAIN GFK-0096F I/O Interface Module for the IC600 PLC 2 Bus Expansion Modules July 1995 Series 90 -70 Programmable Controller Data Sheet Manual GFK-0600F 67-2 Operation of the Module The I/O Interface Module is an intelligent module that allows IC697 I/O racks to interface to the IC600 I/O chain. In operation, the I/O Interface Module reads/ writes data to each I/O module in the rack. It exchanges this data with the IC600 CPU via the I/O bus. An I/O chain may include up to eight IC697 I/O racks, as well as additional IC600 racks. Each IC697 rack has nine or five slots - one for the I/O Interface Module, and eight or four for the I/O modules. Although IC697 I/O modules themselves may have 16 or 32 points, each of the eight available I/O slots in the IC697 rack is assigned 32 discrete points. Thus a nineslot rack fully populated with 32 point modules will have 256 points (128 for a five-slot rack), giving a maximum system size of 2000 points (896 for a five-slot rack). Table 1 shows I/O mapping by rack and slot. The I/O Interface Module must be inserted in slot 1 (next to the Power Supply slot) with slots 2 through 9 reserved for I/O modules. Table 1. I/O Mapping by Rack and Slot r ing a Slot Number * Do not use these I/O points if this rack contains an Advanced I/O Receiver. Refer to GFK-0152, the IC600 PLC to IC697 I/O User s Manual for further details. Rack Number The 2000 I/O points are mapped into the Main I/O table (I/O 0001-I/O 1000) and the Auxiliary I/O table (AI/AO 0001-AI/AO 1000). The rack number is set by configuring a group of jumpers located on the rack backplane directly behind the power supply. This number determines the location in the Main I/O table or Auxiliary I/O table to which I/O points for that rack will mapped. Racks 0, 1, 2, and 3 are mapped into the Main I/O Table and racks 8, 9, 10, and 11 are mapped into the Auxiliary I/O table. Racks 4 through 7 and 12 through 15 are used only for complementary I/O addressing, which is explained later. 3 I/O Interface Module for the IC600 PLC GFK-0096F Bus Expansion Modules July 1995 Series 90 -70 Programmable Controller Data Sheet Manual GFK-0600F 67-3 Setting the Rack Number The rack number is set by jumpers on the backplane behind the power supply. Jumper positions are set so that the sum of those digits with the jumper in the 1 position is the desired rack number. For example, rack number 2 would have the 2 jumper in the 1 position and the 1, 4, and 8 jumpers in the 2 position. RACK NUMBER =2 Figure 1. Example of Setting Rack Number Reserved I/O References Each IC697 rack uses a reserved I/O reference address (shown in table 2) as part of the communications scheme with the IC600 CPU. This reserved I/O reference address may not be used to address IC600 I/O or IC660 I/O if the corresponding IC697 rack is in use. For example, if rack number 2 is used, addresses 529-536 may not be used for IC600 I/O or IC660 I/O references. It may, however, be used by other IC697 I/O racks. References 1001 to 1024 are reserved by the IC600 PLC for interrupts and system operation. Therefore, slot 9 in racks 3, 7, 11, and 15 should be unoccupied (see table 1). Registers 8060 through 8074 and registers shown in Table 2 are reserved for control and status information. Use of these registers is described in the IC600 PLC to IC697 I/O User s Manual (GFK-0152). Table 2. I/O Rack Address Assignments and Reserved Addresses Rack No. IC600 I/O Range Reserved I/O Reference Addresses Reserved Registers 0 I/O 1-256 513-520 R8075-R8077 1 I/O 257-512 521-528 R8078-R8080 2 I/O 513-768 529-536 R8081-R8083 3 I/O 769-1000 537-544 R8084-R8086 4 I/O 1-256 545-552 R8087-R8089 5 I/O 257-512 553-560 R8090-R8092 6 I/O 513-768 561-568 R8093-R8095 7 I/O 769-1000 569-576 R8096-R8098 8 AI/AO 1-256 577-584 R8099-R8101 9 AI/AO 257-512 585-592 R8102-R8104 10 AI/AO 513-768 593-600 R8105-R8107 11 AI/AO 769-1000 601-608 R8108-R8110 12 AI/AO 1-256 609-616 R8111-R8113 13 AI/AO 257-512 617-624 R8114-R8116 14 AI/AO 513-768 625-632 R8117-R8119 15 AI/AO 769-1000 633-640 R8120-R8122 GFK-0096F I/O Interface Module for the IC600 PLC 4 Bus Expansion Modules July 1995 Series 90 -70 Programmable Controller Data Sheet Manual GFK-0600F 67-4 I/O Cable Connections The I/O Interface Module provides two 37-pin connectors for interfacing to the IC600 I/O bus. The lower connector accepts the upstream cable from the IC600 local I/O chain. The upper connector accepts the downstream cable which goes to additional racks. The I/O cable is connected to the I/O Interface Module as shown below. Note Some IC600 I/O cables are constructed so that the cable enters the connector from the top rather than the bottom as required by the I/O Interface Module. These cables can easily be modified by removing the connector shell, reversing the position of the D-connector housing, and reassemblingGFK-0096F I/O Interface Module for the IC600 PLC 6 Bus Expansion Modules July 1995 Series 90 -70 Programmable Controller Data Sheet Manual GFK-0600F 67-6 Complementary Addressing For applications requiring more than 2000 points, a complementary addressing technique may be used. Complementary addressing can extend the system capacity to a maximum of 2000 inputs and 2000 outputs. The I/O references for each slot (2-9) are fixed for a given rack. Table 1 defines an address range of 32 points for each slot of 16 total racks. Note that for both the main and auxiliary I/O tables, a given I/O point is referenced twice. For example, point 1 is referenced in both rack 0 and rack 4. If racks 0 and 4 are both used (as shown in the example) the I/O modules for a given slot must be complementary; that is, if an input module is installed in a slot then only an output module may be installed in the corresponding slot in its complementary rack. In the following example of complementary addressing, slot 5 in rack 0 is occupied by an input module, so slot 5 in rack 4 (complementary to rack 0), must either be used for an output module or left vacant. The example also shows slot 6 in racks 0 and 4 using complementary modules (output module in rack 0 and input module in rack 4). Additional racks (such as 1 and 5, 2 and 6) have similar complementary addressing. Removing a Module The instructions below should be followed when removing a module from its slot in a rack. Grasp the board firmly at the top and bottom of the board cover with your thumbs on the front of the cover and your fingers on the plastic clips on the back of the cover. Squeeze the rack clips on the back of the cover with your fingers to disengage the clip from the rack rail and pull the board firmly to remove it from the backplane connector. Slide the board along the card guide

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